• Gamme Silatube

Round, square or rectangular silage bale tubing machine. The single-piece plastic tube eliminates air and water seepage for an unequalled silage quality. The bag is recyclable and stretches tightly over the bales, no matter their shape, eliminating all air movement inside the tube. SilaTube bagging quality is unsurpassed in the market.

  • Field-tested performance up to 100 bales per hour.
  • Self-sufficient operation, bale ram propelled by a 9HP gas engine.
  • Bale ground resistance allows for auto propulsion.
  • Sliding support plate facilitates tube installation.
  • Automatic feed with hydraulic ram.
  • Rear wheels height is hydraulically adjustable for easy towing.
  • Will operate on hillsides.
  • Public road travel options incloude road marker lights and road tires.
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P-6302 48" to 66" 36" H x 60" L maximum Add to comparison
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