CYCLONE Snowblower

  • Gamme Cyclone

The effectiveness of the Cyclone concept combined with the performance of the Pronovost components. The new Cyclone by
Pronovost incorporates several Pronovost components such as: chute, chute rotation, impeller, chain tensioner, shear plate and
several mechanical parts such as gearbox, drive shaft, bearings, chain and more ...

The Cyclone snow blower promises an innovative alternative for tackling winter, offering an exceptional combination of
performance, clever design, and durability. Designed to meet the needs of residential and light to medium commercial
snow removal, the Cyclone excels in several key areas.
Snow Removal Efficiency
• The Cyclone efficiently clears snow, leaving virtually no snow residue when raising the blower at the end of the
cleared area.
• The cleanliness of the snow removal process is one of Cyclone's major strengths.
Execution Speed
• The Cyclone snow blower stands out for its execution speed, enabling efficient snow removal in reduced time
Versatile Wing Options
• The hydraulic wing option provides the flexibility to open a single wing (right side) while traveling in the direction of
the road. This allows for picking up the roadside snow without fully entering the driveway with the tractor.
• The available hydraulic wing kit widens the blower and increases its capacity, ideal for reaching snow in tight
Innovative Patents
• The patented Cyclone deflector concentrates snow towards the drum, reducing the risk of chute blockage and
improving efficiency.
• The patented sealed chain case increases chain lifespan and reduces maintenance intervals.
• The patented rubber blades on spiral augers enhance performance and prevent issues in harsh conditions.
Clever Design
• The removable drum door provides easy access to the fan without requiring tools.
• The rounded box improves visibility, prevents snow buildup, and increases blower rigidity.
• The forward-offset drum allows for picking up snow closer to obstacles.
Maintenance and Durability
• The automatic tensioner system requires no maintenance or greasing, prolonging chain life.
• With fewer moving mechanical parts, the Cyclone snow blower requires minimal maintenance and adjustments,
ensuring exceptional durability.
• Delivered as standard hot-dipped galvanized, this range of blowers not only offers superior finish durability
compared to paint but also reduces the risk of rust, ensuring long-term optimal performance.
The Cyclone snow blower redefines snow removal standards with its exceptional efficiency, speed, and robustness.
Perfectly suited for residential and commercial environments, the Cyclone emerges as a must-have choice for those
seeking a reliable and high-performing snow removal solution.


  • Semi-industrial chute with greasable hinges and access panel (removable).
  • Hydraulic cylinder and hose support for deflector adjustment.
  • Chute rotation kit for hydraulic motor (motor included).
  • T40 PTO for C7224, T50 for C8026 and T60 for C9228.
  • High quality steel scraper blade, reversible on C9228.
  • Hot dip galvanized snowblower.

Options available !

Models Working width HP recommended Compare
C7224 72" / 1829 mm 25 à 40 CH PDF Add to compare
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C8226 82" / 2083 mm 40 to 60 HP PTO Add to compare
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C8626 86" / 2184 mm 55 to 75 HP PTO Add to compare
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C9228 92" / 2337 mm 75 à 100 ch PdF Add to compare
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